Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food thoughts

I've been meaning to write about my recent interest in eating and being more healthy. Sources of inspiration include being exhausted in and after Japan, feeling older more generally, reading about a favorite fashion blogger's take on food (somewhere buried in there), watching "Food, Inc.," having a vegetable garden, wanting to cure my eczema, and needing to be productive. With a recent purchase of a blender, which was meant for summer smoothies to beat the heat, I've been making "Green Monsters." I make one serving, and split it with Mordecai (he gets the Burger King cup today). I'm not sure if I really feel more energized, but I appreciate that it just tastes like banana but supposedly gives me all this vitamin A, E, and whatever chia seeds (!!) offer.

"Food, Inc." was not as scary as I thought it would be, possibly because I tend to be antagonistic, or guarded, with message-infused documentaries. I didn't think this one was obnoxious, and found myself being able to comfortably be impressed by Monsanto's insanity, to crave McDonald's afterwards, and to love Stonyfield yogurt more than ever. (That scene where Stonyfield gets the organic farmer to meet Wal-Mart higher ups...I love it so much.) It's disturbing to see oversized chickens and cows unable to walk, but it was also horrifying to see the throat-slitting of even the lucky chickens who, as Mordecai's mom once put it while we were waiting for our chicken to be wrapped up at Whole Foods, had stories read to them at night. On Sunday, I also saw "The September Issue," which was fun to watch, and it made me think about documentaries. Two documentaries I would watch (or would be happy to participate in) are humanities grad school (get on it, Pannapacker!) and the nail industry (nail polish, gel, acrylic, etc.). The only documentary I could make is one about Mitsu Scheckter, which would be funny if I really could document her many antics and adventures on video. For a special DVD release, I'd make furry Mitsu cell phone straps and key chains, and bonus features would include a full catalog and explanation of her nicknames (Darkest Muzzle, Mi-chan, Minmi, Redheaded Stepdaughter, Car Fox...), video footage of her at daycare, and a rendering of what her puppies would look like if Sinbad were the father. The credits would roll as I play her favorite song on the piano and she sings along, which she still does, maybe with even more confidence and fervor than before (her muzzle was so dark!).

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Anonymous said...

It´s so hard to eat healthy food! I try a lot, eat salads, less fast food etc,more natural water, but at the end the most delicious things are the bad ones :( Recently I tried to cut my obsession with sweet bread, I love it, specially with the morning coffee, but Its soooo haard!!! so my bread off diet lasted only one week! XD

Kisses to Mitsu :)