Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Japanese Day

Today I got my haircut out in Arlington Heights. I wanted bangs, largely because they had grown out to a half-assed length, getting all up in my face, and thus causing me to often lose my balance on crutches. Also, I've always wanted straight-across bangs. I liken them to the bangs of Shokotan, Fukakyon, "Hana Yori Dango"'s Tsukushi, and Teen Vogue's editor-in-chief Amy Astley (sometimes featured on "The Hills"). I think this kind of hair might be what Joe often cringes at (I recall a reaction to temporary BoA bangs), but I see him only once in a while to play video games, when we all eat and stare at the screen a lot anyway.

The overall length is about the same as before. I'm going to try to grow my hair out, so I can have long hair for a kimono-wedding next summer. As of now, it's the only demand my mom has made of me and my wedding.

We went to Mitsuwa afterwards, and I picked up some comics, Oronamin C (Red Bull but much better, i.e. carbonated), Milky, body wash, and a compact eyelash curler. I did not purchase that St. Patrick's style sushi, pictured above, but I liked how it looked. I actually hate most sushi and wasabi altogether. I am coming down from a Japanese high after having had some family friends rather suddenly visit. I'm supposed to go in June--I hope "free wireless" exists in Japan.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Brancusi, "Two Penguins," wheelchair, and my Luke hat/bag

Today my dad, Mordecai and I went to the Art Institute. We saw the Homer/Hopper show, the Ed Ruscha exhibit in the photography gallery, and we stopped by Brancusi's penguins before leaving. We got dropped off in the back at Columbus Drive, nabbed me a wheelchair (limited quantities!), and thusly avoided a long line out front to get into the Homer/Hopper show.

The Homer show was alright. The watercolors were nice, but I didn't particularly like the way he depicts people. They almost look like people in Normal Rockwell paintings. There were a couple of great pieces of fish though, one trout and one bass--those was impressive.

I liked the Hopper show more. For some reason, it seems like he was a nice, modest person. The whole section on the city, including "Nighthawks," is especially great to go through. His last painting was also pretty epic, just an empty yellow room with light coming in from the window to the side. I got a postcard of it :D

And then I got a new camera (Canon G9), an early present for my birthday, though unfortunately at Best Buy and not Central Camera. Whee!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Crippled Continued

Last Thursday, after eons of waiting, I was x-rayed and re-casted. The old cast now stands on the piano, and the current cast bears no obscene drawings, or obscene drawings cleverly covered up by Mordecai. I got to see my left leg for the first time in a month, and it was pretty gross. Both sides of the ankle are somehow bruised, and my leg is tiny and limp. It was gross gross gross, but kind of funny too.

This picture doesn't really convey the sadness of my leg--my foot just look a little puffy. In two weeks, I get a "Cam Walker," some boot-like thing that straps on with velcro in the front. It looks considerably heavier and a bit robotic. Seeing my leg didn't really make me excited about walking again. I've been getting chauffeured by my parents and Mordecai, and if something isn't within my reach, someone, usually Mordecai, gets it for me. Tomorrow, Mordecai, my dad and I are going to the Art Institute, and I am going to try to get a wheelchair. Wheee!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008


I really love squishy fries, especially from McDonald's (above). This works out well with Mordecai, because he likes crispy fries, so we often take a few seconds to trade. I also love McDonald's Coke, and had Joe not pointed out McDonald's Coke's awesomeness, I would've totally taken it all for granted. I'm not sure what it is--extra but the perfect amount of carbonation, precise Coke flavoring? But now every time I have Coke at McDonald's, I make a point to say to myself, "Damn, this is some good Coke."

Also pictured are what I call my Avril Lavigne nails. Basically, they matched my cast. But true to Avril Lavigne, they really started looking tasteless as they chipped away, so I switched to a paler, frosty, more girly, less "punky," pink. I think my cast and broken ankle themselves are more "punk" than anything about Avril. But her song "Sk8r Boi" will always have a place in my heart.