Monday, March 17, 2008

Crippled Continued

Last Thursday, after eons of waiting, I was x-rayed and re-casted. The old cast now stands on the piano, and the current cast bears no obscene drawings, or obscene drawings cleverly covered up by Mordecai. I got to see my left leg for the first time in a month, and it was pretty gross. Both sides of the ankle are somehow bruised, and my leg is tiny and limp. It was gross gross gross, but kind of funny too.

This picture doesn't really convey the sadness of my leg--my foot just look a little puffy. In two weeks, I get a "Cam Walker," some boot-like thing that straps on with velcro in the front. It looks considerably heavier and a bit robotic. Seeing my leg didn't really make me excited about walking again. I've been getting chauffeured by my parents and Mordecai, and if something isn't within my reach, someone, usually Mordecai, gets it for me. Tomorrow, Mordecai, my dad and I are going to the Art Institute, and I am going to try to get a wheelchair. Wheee!!!


h37S3M said...

is there going to be a yuki post?

Jenni said...

I can only imagine that almost everything else about your injury sucks, but a wheelchair at the Art Institute? Yes!

Get well soon!

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