Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little League Lotto

For the first time in...ever? at Target, I grabbed Archer's Farm milk instead of Horizon, and Target-brand apricot scrub instead of St. Ives. Ordinarily, this would be a sign that you should keep a helmet nearby you at all times (is another Chicago earthquake on its way?), but there isn't much to fear. Not only do I still want things...I want expensive things! And so, I welcome a little bit of Illinois Lotto into my life.

Various haircare & makeup goods
Moroccan hair oil, Nars nailpolish in Orgasm, Givenchy Le Prisme eyeshadow in Modish Brown, Moroccan hydrating hair mask, Nars Orgasm Illuminator, Nars duo eyeshadow in Cordura (is it better to have two or four gradating eyeshadow shades?)

Economicus Stimulus Cipangu

I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to lotto, so I'm going to need some help from Joe. If I win, depending on the amount, I'll thank him for his help in the form of baseball card packs/boxes/cases. All I know is that there will be many more days of going to school with coffee instead of getting it at school. Even though he is unemployed, Conan O'Brien will be getting more action this semester in the form of my "Late Night with Conan" coffee container that I got from the NBC store in Manhattan when I first visited.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Angels Advocate Tour @ Chicago Theater

Chicago Theater marquis; celestial rays emanating from the Aura of Mariah

This past weekend, Mariah Carey blessed Chicago with her regal presence and whistle notes. I've been to her other concerts but they were at larger venues, so I was curious to see what her show at the smaller Chicago Theater would be like. My original theory was that she can't sell like she used to, so they chose a more "intimate" venue over the United Center or the Allstate Arena and of course, jacked up the prices. But then they added a second show "due to popular demand," so maybe there were other incentives or explanations for the venue change. Anyway, I loved the theater; I've never been so close to her before. I think her personality is crystallizing into something like youthful (obviously) and playful, and she's not taking herself too seriously, so it's nice to see her seemingly comfortable and happy.

There were some awkward audience moments that I could've done without, though. The security was tight on cameras, so while Mimi was belting out "Touch My Body" or "Shake It Off," I also had to listen to a young woman behind us getting berated and asked to step outside (I think she was able to return). Another awkward moment was when a coconut-smelling, lonesome cougar was standing and dancing in the aisle, obstructing our view when we were seated. She was eventually asked to go back to her seat, but instead of doing that, she just stepped back a few feet and crowded up next to Mordecai, which is how we came to know that she reeked of coconuts. I couldn't tell if she deserved pity or praise for being such a hardcore lamb, so into everything but so alone also. I just know that I don't want to be like that when I'm 40 or so! I'm running out of people to go with, so...I feel sorry for my future child(ren)!

The crowd was pretty much the same as those of previous tours: groups of jubilant gay men, a variety of women, bored boyfriends and husbands, and some small children. But like the population of Japan, the audience is not getting any younger. Perhaps for this reason, she did a mashup of her own "Heartbreaker" and Diana Ross' "Love Hangover," a stone groove which seemed to please Mordecai. Her overall set included a lot of the classics, including "Emotions," "Always Be My Baby," "Honey," and "My All." She added a number of more recent singles: "Shake It Off," "We Belong Together," and "Fly Like a Bird." She only sang a few songs from the "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" album, so I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to hear "H.A.T.E.U." which I finally warmed up to, or "Candy Bling," though I know no one else in the world cares about that song except for me. I'm still puzzled over the encore choice, "Hero," because she's confessed that she finds the song a little cheesy, but sings it anyway because so many people have told her that the song has changed their lives for the better.

GQ Ryda!!!

I'm going to have to take a minute here to talk about the opening act, "RydazNrtist," a 3-man group signed to Nick Canon's record label. (I grant you permission to smirk here, but read on.) I thought they were artists who "ride," as in "ball" or "hustle" or something of that nature, but apparently, the name is supposed to sound like the phrase, "writers and artists." Their performance was professional, and I have to admit that their song "Sorry Ass Apology" is appealing. I mean, they confess to being "fornicating fools" and admit to the pathetic nature of their pointless apology. It was almost a little too real, but I appreciate and value honesty. When the concert got out, at the exit, I noticed three men handing out glossy flyers for something, and I realized that "GQ Ryda," the Left-Eye of the trio, was one of them, standing next to me. I asked him to take a picture with me, and he was more than happy to, so Mordecai snapped a photo with my iPhone. Mr. GQ Ryda noticed the New Era hat sticker on the back of my iPhone, which Mordecai was still holding, and said, "Oh, hat man! Let me take a picture with him!" Little does Mr. GQ Ryda know that I'm the "hat man," that I have the sticker on my phone to help me remember my hat size for my big skull for when I buy hats for the opposing team at Cubs games. Anyway, not that he's not worth taking a picture with, but it's a rare moment when a stranger asks to take a picture with Mordecai. I love RydazNrtist.

The Shephard has arrived!

When the concert got out, we walked by the alley right next to the theater and noticed a gathering crowd of lambs. A Queen Lamb was yelling about some Mimi promotion and singing (he was good!). It seemed to be the theater exit for performers, and indeed, after about half an hour, we saw band members, dancers, and backup singers (Trey Lorenz!) walk out towards SUVs and the tour bus. I was more or less willing to freeze my toes off, and Mordecai was supportive (was he even personally interested in seeing a fellow Long Island-expat in the flesh?), so we waited about an hour. Then we realized that Mordecai's car was in a parking structure next to right next to the alley, so we warmed up in the car and drove down a few floors to get a good view of the exit area, and then we waited for the screams of lambs.

When Mariah came out, the lambs indeed screamed, lunged on her car, jumped up and down, and I saw the Queen Lamb run away hysterically after getting what he wanted--maybe an autograph or a photo or a handshake. Security opened Mariah's car door immediately, but she stepped away from the door to sign photos, shake hands even though the bodyguards seemed very reluctant about this, and waved. I've heard that she is relatively generous when it comes to greeting her fans, so I was glad to see evidence of this in person. I'm not sure I could've handled the crowd of crazy lambs, so I was fine to be at a distance. If I ever get to meet her, I'd prefer a more manageable environment, though I'm not sure I could keep myself composed enough to do anything besides stare, cry, laugh, and possibly faint. Mariah Carey is my Michael Jackson.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Stylish Ladies

Blue Line

56 Milwaukee

Wrigley Field

My grandmother, in Ungaro