Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Brancusi, "Two Penguins," wheelchair, and my Luke hat/bag

Today my dad, Mordecai and I went to the Art Institute. We saw the Homer/Hopper show, the Ed Ruscha exhibit in the photography gallery, and we stopped by Brancusi's penguins before leaving. We got dropped off in the back at Columbus Drive, nabbed me a wheelchair (limited quantities!), and thusly avoided a long line out front to get into the Homer/Hopper show.

The Homer show was alright. The watercolors were nice, but I didn't particularly like the way he depicts people. They almost look like people in Normal Rockwell paintings. There were a couple of great pieces of fish though, one trout and one bass--those was impressive.

I liked the Hopper show more. For some reason, it seems like he was a nice, modest person. The whole section on the city, including "Nighthawks," is especially great to go through. His last painting was also pretty epic, just an empty yellow room with light coming in from the window to the side. I got a postcard of it :D

And then I got a new camera (Canon G9), an early present for my birthday, though unfortunately at Best Buy and not Central Camera. Whee!


h37S3M said...

the wheelchair and hat make it look like you have a terminal disease and for your final enjoyment of life on this year, you went to the art institute to look at penguins... because the shed doesnt let diseased people

happyfeet said...

I think I'll limp around back of the art institute next time. I hate lines!

Jenni said...

Oh man, maybe I should break MY ankle and get someone to push me around the Met.

That would be awesome.

Richard A. Choi said...

nothing wrong with normal rockwell paintings!

feel better k

thetiniestspark said...

YAY BRANCUSI! come to london and let's go to art museums together, k?