Monday, March 10, 2008


I really love squishy fries, especially from McDonald's (above). This works out well with Mordecai, because he likes crispy fries, so we often take a few seconds to trade. I also love McDonald's Coke, and had Joe not pointed out McDonald's Coke's awesomeness, I would've totally taken it all for granted. I'm not sure what it is--extra but the perfect amount of carbonation, precise Coke flavoring? But now every time I have Coke at McDonald's, I make a point to say to myself, "Damn, this is some good Coke."

Also pictured are what I call my Avril Lavigne nails. Basically, they matched my cast. But true to Avril Lavigne, they really started looking tasteless as they chipped away, so I switched to a paler, frosty, more girly, less "punky," pink. I think my cast and broken ankle themselves are more "punk" than anything about Avril. But her song "Sk8r Boi" will always have a place in my heart.


h37S3M said...

i love both extremes of fries. but everything in between is terrible

Joseph said...

the color on your index finger looks black?
portillos also has formidable coke
i think its a lot less carbonation then bottled coke but a lot more sugar
i love eating my mcdonalds meal and then taking a nap having only consumed roughly half of the large coke
and then waking up and and still having quality coke because there was enough to offset the melting ice

also im not sure if ive just gotten used to mediocre fries or if they changed something again
but i remember being outraged with the new oil fries some 6-8 months ago
and now i dont ever seem to get what i would qualify as excellent fries but nothing really horrible either, just extremely...mediocre

Anonymous said...

Hows your ankle?I am stuck in a cast as well and really sucks!

h37S3M said...

actually now that i think about it, I remember mcdonalds coke be really good too actually. something refreshing about it.

thetiniestspark said...

we could share fries, too -- i like the crispy ones. sole exception: al's (of al's italian beef on taylor or wells) fries are deliciously soft and squishy, if you have not experienced their glory yet YOU SHOULD GET ON IT TOUTE DE SUITE.

re: mickey d coke -- you're so right about that. maybe it's the intense amount of ice that goes into it? watered down makes it better? hmm.

Anonymous said...

The coke at McDonalds is watered down and made worse by the ice. i find it tasteless compared to what you buy in bottles. I'd rather pay a buck more and get a 2L bottle of pure coke than save a buck and get coke that tastes like water.

The fries at McDonalds are pretty good. Never seen any squishy ones. They're usually more on the slightly crispy side. Go to a fast food joint that serves those fat, brown, greasy fries. Now THOSE are squishy fries! Yum!

Avril's music might suck (especially her newer stuff), but damn she's hot!