Thursday, May 13, 2010

I hear you call my name and it feels like home

I'm in Japan right now, also known as Heaven or The Future.

My mom and I are determined to find out who those two sumo wrestlers are; right now the only thing we know is that they train at Kasugayama-beya in Kawasaki. They're probably of meager ranks now, but FUTURE BEASTS. All of the sumo wrestlers remind me of Totoro. I want to take one home and let it live under a tree or down a path of bushes and grow plants with them at night.

In all seriousness though, sumo wrestling was so much fun and wonderful. Hakuho is holy. Kotooshu is handsome. Baruto...looks like someone you'd run into on Milwaukee north of Diversey. It's a beautiful, old sport, and I want to see them all again and again.


Anonymous said...

On the right: Hakunishiki (pretty sure)
On the left: Matsubayama (much less sure)

kei said...

On point!!!

Thank you so much, whoever you are. I think we will still visit the heya to deliver a print of this photo.

Kiyo said...

I've never been to see sumo but after reading this I feel like I should go and see it in person!
Have a great time in Japan :)

Jade said...

deep jealousy as i sit at the library in o-pizzle studying away for boards. viva trips to the MOTHERLAND! have a fab time. see ya 'round the twittersphere!