Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Friday

Today I had one of my sections observed by faculty. Each semester, observation day causes me great anxiety despite the fact that things usually go fine, if not quite well. I was so happy when everything was over. My afternoon nap was very pleasant.

I picked up Mordecai after work and we went to the Grandstand. I wanted a Marlins hat, and since they have a wall of all sorts of hats, we thought there might be some selection, but I guess the one I want is only available on the New Era site. I noticed a nice seafoam green-ish White Sox hat that I'm eyeing now, too. Wanty, wanty.

The Grandstand is just west of U.S. Cellular Field on 35th Street.
Giant White Sox Lubie!

We were heading to Taqueria El Milagro in Pilsen but then we saw a bright green roof and red and yellow parasols. This could only mean: White Sox-approved Vienna beef hot dogs!

Morrie O'Malley's.
My mom made my Domo-kun bag.
There's a little hot dog stand a couple blocks west of U.S. Cellular Field that Mordecai and I frequent before games. It's super fast and cheap. But Morrie O'Malleys is infinitely superior. They appear to have locally made tamales, too.

Next Friday, we're going to our first Sox game of the season. They'll be hosting the Mariners, and I'm still not sure whether I want to see King Felix pitching. I love him and want to see him in action, but that means the White Sox will likely suffer. Anyway, barring inclement weather, that would be two fine Fridays in a row.


wes said...

ive been meaning to try otu that stand. now i think i will for sure

Jenni said...

I saw a Yankees Lubie at the Stadium and it was gross! And yet I kind of want one to sleep on while watching Stat Tracker at night.

Anonymous said...

As an expatriate but lifelong Marlins fan -- the most successful expansion franchise ever, with 2 WS titles in only 16 years of existence, one of the best farm systems in baseball for most of that time, and an excellent strategy that virtually ensures year-in year-out competitiveness for a small market team -- I wonder why you wanted a Marlins cap. Is it support for Cantu on your rotisserie team?

kei said...

Wesley--Do you go to White Sox games?

Jenni--You should get one! Maybe I'll get a White Sox one. They are both grotesque and appealing at once, especially the giant ones.

Daniel--I started out a Cantu fan last year for fantasy reasons, but then my interest in the Marlins broadened. I started listening to Marlins radio broadcasts, and was sold when I heard their latin-y jingle they play when returning from commercial breaks. And then I saw some video highlights of home games and was sold on the dorky announcers. I love how they yell "HIS NAME IS DAN UGGLA!" when Uggla hits a homerun. I've been watching many Marlins games via MLB.TV this season, so I just keep rooting for them and want to express my support with a hat.

Also, my love for Miguel Cabrera has to do something with liking the Marlins, which I think speaks to your point about their impressive farm system.

How come no one in Miami roots for the Marlins!? They say that over 10,000 tickets are sold, but it looks like attendance is under 1000.

Anonymous said...


Miami sports fans are notoriously fickle. Some people say it's because there is a lot else to do in the city, although I never found that particularly compelling as a reason. In part, the sports culture in the city developed around the Dolphins, which were the only professional franchise for a long time (although the moniker of the baseball team is an acknowledgement of the old semipro Miami Marlins). So the city still goes bananas for the Dolphins, and every other team is playing second fiddle, even a college football team that won 5 championships in eighteen years (and left 4 others on the field).

One of my favorite memories during college was the summer of '97, in which I got the chance to sit in the pressbox for at least 60 of the 81 home games in their magical run under Ley.

I remember watching Miggy when he came up through the system. There were few doubts locally that he was going to be a rockstar, although few would have dared predict this kind of success. Funny, my wife also loves Migs, although she liked him more in his pre-beefcake years.

Even stranger is I am also a lifelong Cubbies fan (lived in Hyde Park for five years as a child, but always rooted for Northside), and so I had a real tough time figuring allegiances in 2003. I agonized over it for a long time, and in the end, went for the M's. Thank god for Steve Bartman.

Kiyo said...

I love your sunglasses and that's so cute that your mom made the Domo-kun bag!

Unfortunately we had bad cherry blossom weather...the temperatures dropped after blossoming and it kept raining. So I was only able to take photos on one day :( The lifespan is very short, all the blossoms are already gone and the leaves are green! But I'll try to get a photo next year :)

kei said...

Daniel--it sounds like you made the right choice in '03. After getting to sit in the pressbox that often in '97? Gotta take the Fish! One of these days, I'd like to go to Miami and see a game, but it'll probably be at the new stadium. Which is too bad because I love those orange & teal seats, and the chances of successfully acquiring a HR ball seems kind of high.

I got my paws on the hat, so I'll post that soon!

{ I V Y } said...

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