Sunday, October 18, 2009



I got this "Cute Creatures Dotted Dress" at Forever 21 the other day. There are rabbits, unicorns, cats, mushrooms, and an unidentified blobby creature (not pictured) wearing a hat on it. I like to think that Emma or Rachel would wear something like this. I also discovered warm, soft, striped knee-high socks made by Hunter to wear with my wellies at Akira on State Street.

At the Water Tower, there was an ad for Glee by the bathrooms. Yay, Glee!



pink horrorshow said...

you are gorgeous!

I saw that dress today on someone elses blog and immediately went to the site but all they have are mediums :( I'm too lazy to go to the store too haha, the F21's in New York are too overwhelming.

Glendy said...

Darling we have the same dress, I just put up pics of it lol. I love the way you styled it so classic :)

Much love always,