Friday, October 16, 2009

#GLEE: Emma Pillsbury

If you don't know by now, I am obsessed with the Fox show "Glee." My biggest fear is that, as with all good shows, it will get canceled. But it seems I am not alone in loving "Glee," so instead of fussing about unwarranted cancellation and buying all things "Glee"-related on iTunes, I can worry about when T-T-T-T-Tina C. is going to get her real solo, or when characters in the show will find out what the audience knows, or what random song/performance will surprise me next. And so on.

One of the things I really like about the show is the use of color, especially in clothes. Almost every character has a uniform of some sort. The cheerleaders wear their uniforms; Finn Hudson is a Hollister/Abercrombie model; Sue Sylvester appears to be sponsored by Adidas; Ken Tanaka always has bold colored polo shirts, short shorts, a fanny pack, and knee-high socks; Principal Figgins looks sharp in his tweed suits; Will Schuster wears sweaters that Dan likes a lot; Terri Schuster wears lots of low-cut Charlotte Russe-esque tops; Rachel Berry has classic schoolgirl outfits; Tina C. shops at Hot Topic; Mercedes is fly; and Kurt "Mr. Cellophane" Hummel seems to find inspiration in Men's Vogue and probably the regular Vogue as well.

Today, I want to present Emma Pillsbury, the guidance counselor, a "real floozy and a man-eater...a mentally ill ginger pygmy with eyes like a bush baby." OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER HAS NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD!

Emma loves Will. Here she is on the left lamenting over Will's resignation, in a beautiful blue blouse embellished with gold buttons and a cute, slick woven skirt. She's so skinny, but her clothes look so good on her! And on the right, she shares her clean PB&J sandwich with Will. Plaid and ribbons haven't looked this good since Nodame Cantabile! She had a good matching bag, but I couldn't get a good screen grab of it.

Emma has problems with the messy things in life. On the left, she steps in freshly-chewed gum; you get a good look at her yellow and silver Mary Jane pumps. In the middle, she enthusiastically cheers for Will as he performs in the group, "Acafellas." On the right, she has just wiped mustard off of Will's "cute Kirk Douglas chin dimple," but then Sue called her "Ellen" and told her that her blouse was "just insane."

The green sweater with the exposed green stitching is great. You can hear the crisp crunchy sounds of her eating the green grapes after cleaning them with disinfectant wipes. On the right, she is greeting a plastered Kurt. Not long after this screen grab moment, Kurt vomits all over her feet and she has to be taken to the ER for four decontamination showers.

Here is Emma in all her coral glory. To the left, she carefully doesn't touch anything in the public bathroom. Here, she catches Rachel failing at bulimia. In the middle, things get a little more serious as she goes to see Ken in the boys' locker room to settle the conditions of their secret marriage. Her blouse has weird salamander-like creatures on it. Where can I get this!? On the right, things get even more serious as she has just told Will that she said "yes" to Ken's marriage proposal. They look at each other longingly and go on their separate ways.

Notice her accessories, too. What is that collar chain? Where can I get them!? The first one has clips of owls! It has eyes just like hers! The second one has flower clips. She's tending to her flowers as Will complains about how he never performed after high school. In the far right green cardigan photo above, there is a similar chain connecting her cardigan, with cute little leaf clips. Sue describes Emma as wearing the kind of brooches that Sue's nana was buried in; here's a good example on the right that she wore on the night New Directions performed "Last Name" and "Somebody to Love."

I am finding out that many of the items in Emma's closet are available to the masses through J. Crew and the likes of Anthropologie. Every time I go into that latter store, I feel like I'm lost in a weird forest and all I want to do is find my way out. Maybe I'll give it another chance.

Stay tuned for my obsessive screen caps of Rachel Berry's wardrobe!


Madeline said...

Those sweater clips sometimes show up at garage sales and antique meets. I'll keep my eyeballs all bush babied for 'em at citywide next week.

kei said...

Thanks Maddi! I need to stock up on guidance counselor-esque cardigans.

C said...

I'm not doing anything glee themed for halloween, but I saw your post on the glee forum and checked it out. It's funny that you're from IL as well! Yay Chicago! and Glee of course :)

ShaunaMahana said...

I too am dying to get my hands on the collar chains that Emma wears so deftly. Please let me know if you find anything. Doesn't she also wear a belt chain in one of the episodes? Whoever the stylist is for her, they have impeccable vintage taste!

Sabrina said...

Google "sweater clip" you'll find lots of the chains for sale online.

Danielle said...

Loved this blog entry! I never noticed the plaid skirt Emma was wearing in the scene where she was sitting in the cafeteria. Now I need to search for it! :)