Thursday, September 24, 2009



I made chocolate chip cookies since they're so easy to make with the mixer. But I added 1/4 cup too much sugar. I thought Eh, whatever. I think they taste kind of odd, and they came out of the oven flatter than usual. Since Mordecai is nice, he will probably convince himself and say to me that he can't taste the problem, and then eat them all.

Last night, I tried to change the colors of this blog. Ever since coming across Pantone products at the Art Institute's gift shop, I've been very curious about Pantone. I wanted to get their iPhone app, but it's $9.99 and probably for professional graphic designers, not "curious" people who have nothing to do with and know nothing about design and printing colors. Anyway, I like 337 C, which is the color of my mug from the AIC gift shop. The color may or may not actually exist since I can never find it on their website. The green on this blog is the closest, something like 3375 C. I was going to make the text black and make the background this 3375 C, but it just looked too weird when I previewed it. So black remains in the back, and the colors will slightly change a bit. It looks like pink is being phased out of my life. Sorry, but you can live on in purple.

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Mordecai said...

I can't taste the problem; I am going to eat them all in the next 3 days.