Saturday, September 26, 2009

Snuggie Love (Updated)


I must profess my undying love for Snuggie. What's tragic is that I don't even have one. This blanket was made for me. Tonight I'm going to see if Target has the leopard print one for me in their "As Seen on TV" aisle.

Apparently, Snuggie had a fashion show during New York Fashion Week a couple weeks ago. I just have to say, the photo above of me and the zebra version at Target was taken in July. Clearly, I am ahead of the times. You know how lots of fashion bloggers these days get sponsored trips to fashion week by big companies, or get free stuff from awesome clothing stores or brands? Or how I got 30% discounts that I ended up never using at for posting about getting the Jeffrey Campbell's MEL from them? (Google the shoes and you'll see that post on the first page. Can't beat Nitrolicious, but that's as good as it'll get.) Yeah, Snuggie needs to hook it up here. No other city girl in her 20's is going to write sincerely on the Internet about their love for the leopard print Snuggie like Keipopnation.

So maybe there are others who are madly in love with Snuggies. Whatever. Anyway, Target does not have the "Wild Side" Snuggies. They're available online, apparently. Unless Snuggie comes to and realizes that they can advertise for free on my blog (and slide some samples this way), I may have to resort to the webs. Also, slightly related, not only can one get sent to New York for fashion week and all that, but one can become some sort of internet spokesperson for Chanel's new line of their sporty, poofy bags. I have no qualms about this because Alix and Betty are absolutely appropriate for this line; it's just that I'm seeing things taken to a new level. SNUGGIE, ARE YOU READING? We can take things to a whole notha level too! Did I mention that Carleton could rock the Snuggie too?

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