Tuesday, May 05, 2009

2009 Jenni, Series 1


I was immensly pleased to discover a small package of baseball cards from Jenni in our mailbox yesterday. The wrapping was very nice, with a personalized touch. Initially, I wanted to wait until we saw Joe again so that the three of us could open the packs together like we often do when we go card hunting. But I knew I couldn't wait that long, so Mordecai and I opened ours last night. Sorry, Joe.


I received a few Miguel Cabrera cards that I don't have yet, because my Miggy collection is mostly from when he was still with the Marlins. There were also a few Bobby Jenks cards, only one of which I already had. And finally, there were two of what I consider to be *bonus* cards: 2008 Allen & Ginter of creepy pitcher AARON HARANG of Reds and star pinch-pitcher NICK SWISHER of the Yankees. I picked up Aaron Harang for my fantasy team only to drop him; Joe and Nar brought his Yahoo! profile picture and the development of his disgusting facial hair to my attention. His picture now is not so bad, but there was one before that was pretty horrific. I guess he's not a bad pitcher though. I have problems with ugly on my team, but I was willing to make an exception if he pitched well. For better or for worse, it turned out I specifically needed a relief pitcher to replace José Valverde while he's on the DL getting hematoma-related fluid drained from his calf (gross), so I had to let Harang go for Frank Francisco of the Rangers. I have to say I'm partially relieved since Harang looks so scary, kind of like Death personified, but I will root for him and his ugliness from here on anyway.

Thanks again, Jenni!

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