Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Friend? Enemy? Frenemy?




wes said...

it looks like a spaceship

Jenni said...

Are you going to get MLB: The Show?!!!!

kei said...

Wesley: Actually, when I was setting this picture up, Mordecai immediately started to refer to a scene from "2001: Space Odyssey." He seemed genuinely freaked out by the coincidental similarities; I've still never seen that movie and just wanted all the Poppersteins to gather around and check out the new addition.

Jenni: Yes! Actually, Mordecai is going to get that, and I'm going to get Little Big Planet. Also, I hear there's a Katamari coming out for PS3, so that is another must-have. Our apartment is slowly turning into Toys R Us.

Jenni said...

Whatever. We are adults, now, which means that we can do anything we feel like doing, i.e. play video games, collect baseball cards and eat candy for breakfast.