Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up


On Friday, Mordecai, Joe and I visited Nickel City. Three more Poppersteins were collected. I need three more to have a complete baseball team! I'm like "the crazy cat lady" but with stuffed penguins instead.


On Saturday, the three of us again investigated baseball card shops. AU Sports Memoribilia moved, but has yet to open in Skokie's Village Crossing. Big John and Little Debbie's was nice, but they don't seem to carry 2008 Stadium Club. Meijer was not an option on Saturday because we went to Long John Silver's for late lunch/early dinner, which meant we'd go home afterward to shrivel up like rasisins from astronomical sodium intake. I had the chicken and fish basket with coleslaw on the side. I couldn't eat the hushpuppies, and I'm not sure I would've if I could've. I don't understand their existence.

On Sunday, Mordecai, Sayaka and I went to Mitsuwa. I had ramen and natto (fermented soy beans) for lunch. I previously underestimated Santouka's ramen, which is reportedly famous in Japan. This shit is good! Will I return to udon next door? Also, Gabutto Burger is going to open soon in Mitsuwa's food court. I'm not sure what they're up to, but it looks fun. Meijer was an option after Mitsuwa, so off we went. Heritage packs were nowhere to be found, and being unable to leave empty-handed, Mordecai got the $4.99 pack of Topps '09. I got my Stadium Club pack, which yielded a David Ortiz Yankee's Stadium Slice and a Chris Perez auto that I had to redeem online. I also got a regular pack of Topps '09 for the sake of it. I love Topps.


Richard said...

why does that ramen look so different from the one i cook at home

kei said...

actually, that broth is different from regular ramen broth. i think it's a pork-based broth (tonkotsu); all the ramen here have a lighter, less transparent color to their soup.

Joe said...

i think i mentioned the MONSTER variety of food ljs had some time ago

heres a crappy picture of the comparison between MONSTER and regular fish and hush puppies

not sure if exif data is preserved
but date on my end is 05/30/2008
so maybe itll return shortly

somehow when i was looking for stuff to blog about last year i overlooked this
and some photos of usher album and the first singstar which i had ended up photographing the next day or so

ah well