Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yesterday weatherpeople were threatening snow. It was cold and it drizzled, but no snow. People were prepared, however:


The man above looked so comfy when he sort of withdrew into his coat. I don't think either of these coats were real because the quality of their fur reminded me of my own fake fur vest.

I transferred to the red line and waited for the doors of the train to open. I saw a young woman waiting to get out, and then I saw her look to her right and she made a disgusted face. "Urine, maybe?" I thought. But it didn't smell particularly bad when the doors opened and I entered. I only noticed what the young woman had grimaced at when I was about to get off, only two stops later. CTA NEVER DISAPPOINTS.


After lunch with Mordecai, I went to the Harold Washington Library to get some work done. The 60-minute time limit on public computers forced me to get some real work done. Also, it helped that the earliest baseball game that day started at night. Anyway, I looked over to my left and saw a young woman on a computer. One of her books caught my attention. THE HWLC DOESN'T DISAPPOINT.


The Basics of Pistol Shooting. I suppose I don't have every right to be talking myself, with nonsensical Hegel at my computer.

I love Chicago.


Jade Pagkas-Bather said...

haha.. i love it. that vom is just nasty. so CTA. HWLC cracks me up. i once put my head down cause i had the headache of my life there and a security guard rapped on my desk to roust me 5 mins later. spose i looked potentially homeless...

kei said...

i've gotten that at the hwlc too! they discourage sleeping, drinks, and taking your shoes off. i took my shoes off once to sit cross-legged and the security guard asked me to put my shoes back on. but he laughed at me for sitting "buddha-like" and asked me if it helps me study better. i think they just need to be consistent when enforcing rules.

Joe said...

confused at what the vomit photo was until i read jades comment
what time was it taken?
i wouldnt be surprised if it was nighttime/weekend
but im guessing photo was taken in opposite timeframe

your post and nice weather today reminds me of one thing i liked a lot about my time at nt
sitting in front of the store during break on a seasonably (not evilly) warm day
and watching people (read: nubile females) walk by

Joe said...

funny thing too is that along with the rest of us in s&r the manager would come along too
while his wife was dutifully working inside