Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baseball Card Love


Yesterday Mordecai, Joe and I went to Max's for dinner and Target for baseball cards. Max's is known for their "ghetto fries." They apparently also have "pizza fries" which I found more enticing than the description of "ghetto fries," but since the latter are so hyped up I decided to go with them. The fries are smothered in BBQ sauce, cheese, chopped onions, Italian beef gravy, and hot peppers. It sounds appetizing, but it kind of became too much after a while. I certainly don't need to try them again. And for some reason, Joe's order was notably spicier than mine.


Then we moved on to the Target at Peterson. If you don't know from other social networking sources, the three of us have become more or less obsessed with baseball cards. My level of interest was comparatively minimal when Mordecai, Jenni and I went to Meijer, though getting the Tim Lincecum card and knowing he was high up on overall draft rankings sealed Fantasy Draft fates (I drafted Lincecum before Joe could during the second round; sorry Joe, I didn't know he's potentially part Filipino). I know that my general obsession with Fantasy Baseball is spilling into the territory of "abnormal," but why should love have limits? In addition to collecting Topps 2009, I'm keeping a binder of all of our league's players. (More on that for another post, probably.)

Mordecai got Topps 2009 and Topps Heritage (1960 design). He seemed to enjoy the card of floating manager heads and the Jimmy Kimmel-look-alike player. Joe got the Upper Deck Masterpiece 2009 (or was it 2008?) box, Topps 2009 Cereal box, Upper Deck 2009 Jumbo Pack, and Upper Deck Spectrum 2009 box (in photo, above). The Spectrum series features autographed cards by random celebrities, including Kim Kardashian. I bought a regular pack of Topps 2009, a jumbo pack of Topps 2009, and a Topps 2009 Cereal box as well. I added significantly to my general collection and to my Fantasy League collection, so I am quite content and willing to hold off until Saturday for more baseball card treasures.


wes said...

for a second i thought doggy diner was re-opened. is this max's on western and near-peterson?

Joe said...

masterpieces was 2008
theyre not bringing it back for 09 for some reason

demanding instant gratification
i ended up going back to maxs yesterday too
i like pizza fries more than ghetto
mainly due to lack of spice
i might get their fries plain next
i actually had a few unmolested from topping and they seem on point
but the caesar is tempting too

didnt notice the flag on the back of the hotdogman
but did notice the knee high tube socks he was wearing
and one eyebrow is ketchup
and the other mustard

same offer as yesterday applies
regarding card store
ive got it bad

Jenni said...


The only good card I got in Chicago was Mike Mussina and he's retired!

kei said...

Join us, Jenni! I have an extra Grady Sizemore!

Jenni said...

Grady Sizemore, #1 Draft Pick!

kira said...

and i thought it was WEINER CIRCLE, which apparently HAS reopened, thank gawd. man i love cheese fries. beef gravy & bbq sauce on fries sounds atrocious, though. let's keep it to the canned "cheese," people.