Thursday, March 12, 2009

Colonel Sanders unearthed

Yesterday afternoon, Jenni forwarded me this story from Yahoo News. As she noted, it combines fried food, baseball, and Japan--a story made for this blog!

In 1985, Hanshin Tiger fans celebrated national championship victory by throwing a statue of Colonel Sanders into a river in Osaka. Said statue resembled Randy Bass, a "key team member." Osaka officials unearthed the statue from the gross-looking river yesterday. I looked up Randy Bass images online and got pretty much nothing. But no matter; look carefully:

I took this snapshot from the video that accompanies the article. Look at those eyes! Colonel Sanders is ASIAN. How on earth is someone named "Randy Bass" going to resemble this statue of Colonel Sanders? Hmm, now I want Japanese KFC...

One last note, not to blast this article or anything; I have much love for the Hanshin Tigers and their crazy fans. But the last line of the article reads: "Osaka, Japan's second-largest city after Tokyo, is located about 260 miles (420 kilometers) west of the capital." This is all lies. Yokohama is the second-largest city in Japan after Tokyo! The BayStars need to get crackin' on putting Yokohama on the global map!


wes said...

the asian thing is the first thing i thought about when i saw this story.

Richard said...

spots make me nauseous