Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Early acquisition

Just as last year, I received an early birthday present around this date from my parents today: this year, the much coveted iPhone. With the ability to constantly track my email, my music, the weather in Chicago and Yokohama, Facebook, Twitter, baseball, fashion, the world in GPS map form, Pacman energy pellets, and so much more, I thought my life was going to undergo a revolution or uprising today. But things have been pretty quiet, and I think this is for the better. I'm still very happy with my new acquisition.


My love for purple has not subsided; you know I had to get on the purple iPhone case. The other day, I noticed that the laundry hanging on the new clothing rack was largely purple, or variations of it. This weird website claims that "too much purple and you don't tend to live in this world." LIKE THIS IS A BAD THING! SO BE IT!


Jenni said...

That test is intense!

kira said...

iPhone nOM Nom NOM!

Richard said...

happy (very) belated kei