Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Adventures

Jenni has joined us this weekend for some Chicago fun. Last night we were hypnotized by commercials for Burger King's new Burger Shots (is that a picture of a fancy Whopper under the description of a Burger Shot?) and Joe's recent obsession, and set out on a quest to Burger King and acquire baseball cards at Meijer.


You can choose between a 2 Burger Shot Meal and a 6 Burger Shot Meal. We decided to have a big party of 18 Burger Shots total, which was a miscalculation on at least my and Jenni's part. Mordecai remembers Burger King's "Burger Buddies" from his childhood and was excited about trying these new ones out. Unfortunately he ended up disoriented because he forgot to ask for cheese. I have to say I am constantly amazed by the artificial "flame-broil" flavor that I can taste in Burger King meat. But I'm never impressed enough or care enough to return for more; I appreciate their advertisement campaigns, but I'm a Mickey D girl at heart. Plus, BK's Coke and fries are no good in comparison.


Then we went to Meijer out in Arlington Heights. Jenni found MLB Power Pros 2008 for the DS for $9.90! It took a while to find the trading card section, but Jenni found it and we went about deliberating. Mordecai got 2 packs of Topps 2009, Jenni got a value pack of Topps 2008, and I got a pack of Topps 2009 and a pack of Obama Inauguration Series cards. There was a round, large man sifting through football cards, feeling them to determine which to purchase. I should have interviewed him for insider tips.


We wandered around Meijer before checking out. I didn't even know they had a "hobbies" section, with knives, paintballs, and archery. Mordecai refused to tell me how to hold the bow and arrow, demonstrating only after taking the photos above. My shit is totally backwards!

If you'll notice, Jenni and I are wearing similar outfits, varying in colors and outerwear. We're like a walking work of art!


Joe said...

is the flame broil really artificial?
now youre gonna tell me that wrestling is fake

if the pickles were naturally arranged in that 2-2-2 position when you lifted the bun
thats pretty cool
i would like to see if they give you three long cheese
or six little cheese for the 'with cheese' variety

burger buddies sounds familiar
but i didnt start eating at bk frequently until post high-school
since mcdonalds was always a few blocks away

i would say that bk fries are almost on par with mcds
i still maintain that the switchup of fry oil is one of our eras most appalling tragedies
also bk rings arent bad even though theyre quite generic
i think mr sub has similar rings
cosign on the crappy coke though

power pros for ds was a disappointment because theres no full season mode

also my blog entry is misleading
as ive ended up buying more basketball on ebay
since i know what i liked as recently as 1998
but with baseball i only know what i liked as recently as 1991
so im relatively unfamiliar with the non-flagship baseball sets
once i draft my fantasy baseball teams though then ill have a better idea of who i want to collect though

Joe said...

my faith was shaken but is now resolute

kei said...

It seems to me that the flame broil flavor tastes artificial in that I taste the exact same flame broil no matter what burger I get. Also, when I reheat a burger, I get the exact same flame broil taste no matter how long it's been since I purchased it. The consistency amazes me--I only go to BK once in a while, but no matter what or when, that flame broil flavor is always there for me.

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