Monday, January 19, 2009

The 90's, part 2

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Or "Borrowing Things, part 2." My dad gave Mordecai this sweater for Christmas, which I appropriated today to channel Kurt Cobain. For some reason, when I see long-sleeved stripes, I think of him. I was never into Nirvana or alternative music in the 90's, but Rock Band and a general interest in reviving the 90's is changing that, bit by bit. Unfortunately, I found Gus Van Sant's "Last Days" disappointing, but my respect for Kurt Cobain increased. I did like that one scene where the dude sings a song and goes nuts on the drums.

So here I am in another reenactment, with Mordecai's (heavy metal) guitar (while actually listening to Biggie's "Big Poppa"). Initial attempts to appear mopey resulted in laughter (above left), but after being instructed to think about dead kittens, I could at least try (above right). Damn, I need a haircut.


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omg that movie was THA WORSTTTTTTT. i had such high hopes, too.