Saturday, January 17, 2009

The 90's

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For Christmas, Mordecai gave me "My So-Called Life" on DVD. I watched all 19 episodes in about a week before school started. Plaid was so serious back then--Angela's closet overflows with oversized plaid shirts. Doc Martens were also prominently on display, and I saw Rayanne rock some cut-off jeans. Of course, not everything from the 90's and MSCL were fashionably glorious: the Chases' floral print wallpaper was...geriatric; Sharon's Cherski's hair and clothes were embarrassing; and Brian Krakow's grandfather cardigans were no good, no matter how you thought about it.

Today for some reason I was listening to 90's Amuro Namie--"Chase the Chance," "Don't Wanna Cry," "You're My Sunshine"--when genius-but-now-incarcerated Komuro Tetsuya was behind her music. I got all dance-y and channeled both Angela and Rayanne with Mordecai's Sears flannel shirt, my fake beaver vest, cut-offs from last summer, Hunter boots + red inserts, and my semi-destroyed Uniqlo "Warm-Up" tights. One must maintain warmth and optimism in the dark and cold winter somehow.

8 comments: said...

Have you been in Mitsuwa?

thetiniestspark said...

ummmmm if you ever wanna call redo on that my so-called life marathon, I WILL BE 2 BLOCKS OVER IN YOUR LIVING ROOM IN LIKE THREE SECONDS. forserious. for.

also, those plaid photos of you are adorbz

TeeEmCee said...

Aaah! I LOVED My So-called Life. Brilliant. Nice re-enactment here!

Joseph said...

nik was giving me trouble about it at kfc that concert night
but i thought claire danes was cute back when the show was airing

was i so out of touch?

i did just find my cassette of harry connick jrs blue light, red light recently
and his hair back then trumps jason priestleys

if you ever get into degrassi junior high ill hop in on the viewing bandwagon

Joseph said...

hmmm looking it up on wikipedia
it appears as though degrassi was dated 87-89

but im positive we didnt get it here on pbs until well into the 90s
so i say it still counts

Jenni said...

Hmm. You look kind of Williamsburg 2009 to me. Except clean and smiling.

kei said...

CybKnight: I've been to Mitsuwa, I recommend the ramen and Hippo pastry.

Kira: When I visit you in LA, I'll bring MSCL!

TeeEmCee: Thanks for the comment! The appeal for MSCL is universal, lots of people just don't know it.

Joe: I don't even know what Degrassi is but I just looked it up; it appears to to be the Canadian version. I'm intrigued. I thought Claire Danes was pretty, but I think it took time for me to realize that since the story highlighted her hair and general awkward/neurotic-ness (inherited from her mother) so much.

Jenni: I must admit, the general look is also inspired by the Olsen Twins, which may or may not explain the Williamsburg connection. At least Mordecai doesn't look like Nate Lowman? LOL.

Jenni said...