Tuesday, January 20, 2009



The last time I played Animal Crossing a couple of weeks ago, I got my hair did at Shampoodle. In the Wii version, if you don't play for a long time, apparently they take that 'do away from you and you're stuck with an "I just got out of bed" look.

This bedhead is an accurate depiction of how I feel sometimes when words do not suffice.

Like when your batteries in your Wiimote dies RIGHT AFTER you get the first coin from the magic rock that will give you lots more, money you can't get at the moment because Nook isn't open past 10PM.

Or when your fishing skills are so rusty you pull the line back too early not once, but TWICE, on rather large-looking fish silhouettes.

But then, something wonderful happens:


Aurora borelais in Animal Crossing!!! I've never seen one before. It just crept up on me at the edge of the TV screen. I love how Animal Crossing life is both frustrating and beautiful.

Later on, I realized that I had some new clothes from the last time I played. I changed into that, in honor of my bedhead and winter conditions.


Then I ran into Blanca or whatever this cat's name is, and gave her a new "grumpy" face, at her request.


One must continue to truck on:


It ended up being a red snapper. Not bad!

We will get through this winter!


wes said...

this just like...wow
or should i say WoW

Jenni said...

Oof. I hate that damn blank-face cat. But cute glasses!

Joseph said...

im jealous of how much snow exists in your town
apparently walking around a lot makes it go barren
theres only six spots in my town with enough snow to make a snowman

thetiniestspark said...

holy shit this game looks amazing. i've never played before. waow!