Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wanty Acquisitions

Some wanty items that were acquired not long after creating the original Wanty List include the black vesty thingie from Forever 21, a ridiculous American Apparel bodysuit, a Target school uniform skirt, and Jonathan Saunders for Target skirt.

I'm still not entirely sure how to wear this thing. It could probably pass as a dress, though precautionary measures would be taken. Anyway, I love it.

This is another strange purchase. American Apparel's oxford shirt did not meet Mordecai's increasingly high standards for shirts, so the in-store credit went to me, because really, what is Mordecai going to get at American Apparel? I was intrigued by the bodysuit and its exposed zipper, and figured I should go all out and get the pop colors instead of being modest and monochromatic. Obviously, this is layer-nation territory.

All I have to say is that this girls skirt 1) fit and 2) was $3.24. My birthday is March 24, so whenever I see 324 like that, I get pretty excited. I must figure out how to roll over the waistline like bad Japanese high school girls do, or look like a good Japanese high school girl and keep it knee-high.

I am a big fan of this whole gradation business. It might go by the name of "ombre," though I'm not sure if that was just a Target and thing or if that's a more general descriptive name. Anyway, this is one of those quasi-famous designers designing weird things for Target. I never posted the Richard Chai for Target skirt I got in the summer, but I remember feeling compelled to buy it because it was one letter away from "Richard Choi for Target."

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