Thursday, October 30, 2008

Most Recent Wanty Acquisition


Joseph said...

i think i like them the least of all tips/toes because i had a pair of really uncomfortable brown ones when i was younger

i like shoes with the lines that just go forward and dont turn to intersect across the toes
not sure what they're called though

i like the contingency plan for securing your foot
do you unlace and unzip when you take them off or only one of the two

kei said...

I didn't know they were called wingtips...must add that to shoe vocab. I just thought these were oxford-ish, minus the lace-up and boot part.

I just zip and unzip, no real lacing going on. Maybe if I pretend to tie them people will hand me their car keys, mistaking me for valet.

thetiniestspark said...

BOUGHT LACEUP GRANDMA WITCH BOOTS OF MY OWN TODAY! VINTAGE AND GLORIOUS. let's wear them together and act smug in the self-satisfaction of our boots being the best in all the land (bar, restaurant, street, wherever we happen to be).

also the word verification of this post is "zings." awesome. ZING!