Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Southern Style Chicken Sandwich

Joe wrote about McDonald's latest menu addition, the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich. Inspired, Mordecai texted me this morning suggesting McDonald's drive-thru for lunch. The bun was indeed soft like those of the Filet-O-Fish (but not perfect; it had a little butt crack-like line), and the sandwich was indeed pretty bare inside.

I liked the way Joe's photo exposed Burger King's pathetic breakfast wrap. I've made an effort to expose Southern Style's bareness. But the sandwich itself looked good (I had a American Idol Chicken McNugget Happy Meal), and with a packet of old ketchup lying around in the car, we get a satisfied customer, if not also enthused:


Richard said...

Kei, I really need a girlfriend that loves McDonald's as much as you do

Joseph said...

because of its plainness you can better taste the pickle-residue left behind after removing the pickles

personally i think its a nice touch

kei said...

I get the same thing when removing the onions from Mr. Sub's turkey sub. I always forget though and order without onions. Actually I had this revelation at your small birthday gathering at Nar's basement.

h37S3M said...

i think that someone that's semi health-conscious like myself, i'd eat the chicken, pickles and eat off the top layer of the bun and toss the rest out.

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Joseph said...

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