Monday, April 21, 2008

Cubs vs. Mets 2008

While I am normally a White Sox fan, and even though the Cubs destroyed the Mets, I have to say the game today at Wrigley Field was quite enjoyable. Mordecai wanted to see the Mets play in Chicago, and I can never object to a live viewing of Jose Reyes. Further, I have been wholly supportive of the Cubs' acquisition of Kosuke Fukudome and hope he does well with them. Our field trip to Wrigley Field wouldn't have been complete without another Japanese baseball fan, Kota, and our baseball-game-regular (though for Sox games), Matt Hacker.

My camera reduces the blurriness of close-up photos. It also serves as binoculars when we can't figure out who's pitching. Kosuke has a rather boxy body. It reminds me a bit of Domo-kun.

I wish Jose had been beaming his million-dollar smile so my camera's super-zoom could capture it. Instead, I have here his "I'm gonna steal second base for the 209381209381203912nd time" pose.

I can't quite figure out why I don't care for the Cubs despite going to many games during summer day camp (Crayon Campus!), despite going to said day camp with Shawon Dunston's daughters, despite spending many days after school down the street from Wrigley Field (Sanko! Pan Asia!), despite having Ernie Banks' signature addressed to me (BTC!). As of late, I look at that neighborhood with more or less contempt, for its infestation of pseudo-"pub" sports bars and for the despicable vehicular and human traffic the area produces on weekend evenings and game days. But I like going to baseball games, even if I end up paying more attention to the food and nearby roaming fans than the game itself. Today I derived surprising pleasure from wandering around the stadium alone in search of a concession stand that sold Red Rope.

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Jenni said...

I'm going to the Yankees v. Mariners game on May 4th and I can't decide who to support-- I mean, I love the Yankees (sorry Mordecai), but ICHIRO!!!!

We'll have to swap baseball photos later.