Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ideal dinner

My dinner location tonight:

We discovered this Tastee Freeze at California and Armitage at the end of last summer. In honor of today's temperature (70F), I requested a trip here after tonight's American Idol. As we pulled up, I remembered I had a late lunch and only a salad of lettuce, cucumber, and soy nuts before Mariah's performance. So I decided I had room for a side snack and ice cream.

We shared a Snickers Sundae and cheese fries. No one beats Doggie Diner's cheese fries, but I always appreciate the effort by other fast food locations. The bottom of the sundae consisted in chunks of Snickers and caramel, which required digging. It was a little difficult with a sub-par plastic spoon.

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h37S3M said...

oh my lord that looks delicious