Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Golden Nugget

When Maddi (Mordecai's sister) first started visiting us in Chicago, she remarked that we ate like 12 year olds. I think this was because our dining destinations were something like: Weiner's Circle, Doggie Diner, Arturo's, and Margie's. With or without out of town guests, we still eat out a lot, and a lot of the times we end up at the Golden Nugget on Clark (we've got a good Friday/Saturday waitress here, and this location is somehow more appealing than the one on Diversey, which is a lot closer to us). Tonight I had waffles with some bacon.

Their bacon is so good. It's probably mediocre by "true" bacon standards, whatever that might be. But I ask very little of my bacon-cookers and bacon: it shouldn't be raw or burnt, and it shouldn't be all fatty. Bonus points for shininess.

I also enjoy their crappy cup of coffee. It is typical diner coffee, but I love it. I don't particularly drink coffee at home, and it's largely because the coffee Mordecai makes tastes different, and also because I don't have that cup and saucer. In short, I cannot duplicate the experience of diner coffee, so I don't bother.


Richard said...

KKKKKK haha 12 year olds. joe viloria too. doggie diner!??? classic , i remember paul han covering the cheese fries with as much ketchup as cheese, and then mixing it all together so it was all pinkish and then eating it all before we got to the train station that guy was a frikin beast

i used to play late-night cards at golden nugget, the one on diversey though...

Joseph said...

i dunno if i should be proud or offended by richards comment
you both have been snapping with the foodart photos
all i know is when i was 12 i was living off 25 cent little debbie snacks, ~1 oz bags of chips, and those 10 cent rainbow fruit drinks with the foil top

compared to that, now im living like a king

although back then i remember actually using the stove/oven to make food for myself
nowadays the only kitchen appliance i use is the microwave

i second that paul han=beast comment

the last time i was at that clark golden nugget with nar and nik we were somewhat sober and it was quite infuriating