Friday, April 11, 2008

Toe Cleavage!

Earlier this week, I ordered a pair of pointed flats from the Gap. They are a part of some "European Collection" that is available only through their website. I had a gift card, so I basically paid for one of them. I probably won't get to wear them until after I'm completely healed, but the "limited edition" factor and that they were featured on New York Magazine's "Shop-A-Matic: Spring Shoes" had me on board.

But on Gap's website, or New York Magazine's website, no model, no mannequin, wears the shoes. All I knew about the shoes were that they were two-toned and pointy. I forgot to consider how they would actually fit on a human foot. Generally speaking, this is why we should purchase shoes in person, and not online.

But everything seems fine, and the two tones look kinda cool. I was worried about the pointiness, since I'm not used to that. They're even comfy! Who knew. So far, so good.

But TOE CLEAVAGE?! This seems a bit risqué. What about the children?! I like the shoes enough to get used to it, so it's not a big deal. It was surprising though, and I wish there were pictures of someone wearing the shoes just to know beforehand. Well, now there are such pictures available on the Interwebs. And once I start wearing the shoes, I will have well-aired toes.


happyfeet said...

You could make some money on that last picture.

kei said...

You can see the images in greater detail if you click on them. In the last one, you can see the sock imprints on my feet!

erikig said...

Congrats, you are now page 1 on Google Image search for "Toe Cleavage" : )