Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fluffy Day

This morning on the way to school I picked up some McDonald's Hotcakes. They were nice and fluffy. Mordecai suspects they are called "Hotcakes" because they are not made in pans, so cannot be called "Pancakes." Whatever the case, they are not bad.

Before I left for school, my birthday presents from Mordecai arrived. My leg is resting on one of them in the above picture, while I sit in the other. I got a Kapibara-san tissue box holder. I named her Lucy, after the kapibara who appeared on Shimura Ken's animal show. She is so soft and fluffy, even more than my hotcakes. The chair is Philippe Starck's Louis Ghost chair. Mordecai had shown me this chair before, and my interest in it had grown since I saw it in TeenVogue in one of those sections where they revamp someone's bedroom in NYC. It is surprisingly comfortable and just generally awesome.

Carleton and Lucy hang out at my desk.


Joseph said...

i like the bit of sponginess found in the texture of hotcakes,it could be a sign of cheapness, but its quite endearing
or maybe its just the inclusion of the almighty hash brown in the big breakfast
now that i think about it the styrofoam packaging might be the longest unchanged thing about mcdonalds
while i generally enjoy the super egg that comes with the deluxe big breakfast, i hate how no combination of the egg, sausage and biscuit match in terms of size
also that you have to cut the biscuit in half yourself
what are we, barbarians?

is the chair nik-proof?

kei said...

yeah i miss the big mac styrofoam box. it was a rather foul beige color, if i remember correctly.

Jenni said...

Your hair looks so good!