Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ankle Progress

As of last Thursday, my left leg has been liberated from the hot pink cast. I am still bound to crutches, but I now have what is called a Cam Walker brace, which helps me slowly start walking again on my own. It basically looks like a moon boot on steroids; a friend has also dubbed it the "RoboCop Boot." The walker is removable, so it enables me to access my left leg again. This basically means I can wash it and wear my jeans again.

Bathing and wearing jeans are good things, but they don't hide the conspicuousness of the brace. I wonder if most people don't care about this, concerned only about the forthcoming return of their leg's health. But for me, this means the return of my right black Hunter boot! The top of the boot is at the same height as the brace, so there's a little bit of matching going on beyond the color. I'm very glad I didn't pick the hot pink Hunter boots back last fall.

Because my Hunters only work with my jeans or tights, and in order not to live out of those two jeans for the next month, I've ordered some leggings from American Apparel. So I guess in lieu of Avril Lavigne-on-crutches, I'll be rocking a somewhat Lindsay Lohan-on-crutches look.

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