Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kamakura December 2012

I guess I wasn't done with the people-and-dog-watching pictures! Here are more shots from Kamakura, but this time with my DSLR instead of iPhone.

 photo Kamakura_police_zps8886ba41.jpg
It seems that a common thing to do on New Year's Eve is visit shrines. If they don't want to face Times Square-like crowds then, then people go within the first week or so of the new year, but still face hefty crowds. On the day we visited in mid-December, the police were practicing their speeches for the throngs of people. It was endearing to watch them nervously read announcements about being orderly, which people do anyway. 
 photo Kamakuar_baseballboys_zpsbc7bd9fc.jpg
I don't know what these boys were doing in their baseball outfits, heading towards the shrine. Maybe they wanted heavenly protection for practice or the coming season. One thing I love about Japanese kids is their dedication--whether genuine or socially constructed or both--towards their extracurricular activities. I like seeing them on the train in their uniforms, with their bags full of equipment, and how I sometimes catch the young yielding train seats to the older kids. 
 photo kamakura_tigersbag01_zps6f23da67.jpg
This woman was taking a picture of the sun setting, right by the train station. Again, she has that nonchalant Kamakura style I love so much--her hair, her cozy sweater, and her tote bag! I noticed the tote bag first, and then I realized the person carrying it was noteworthy too. What noteworthy person wouldn't choose to carry that bag?!
 photo kamakura_poodle2_zpsc21f50d0.jpg
Here is a second teddy bear poodle, who senses someone watching them. As if this one wasn't enough. This teddy bear phenomenon will likely wane, so I think Bisou should go to Japan soon and show them how silver is done right!
 photo kamakura_shiba01_zps91fd2684.jpg
I can't remember if my mom noticed a Shiba across the street, or if I did--one of us had a functioning Shiba-dar. In reviewing these pictures just now, I realized that a woman comes up to the Shiba in the man's arms and SMELLS ITS BACK. I smell Mitsu all the time (I don't know what it is, but she doesn't smell like dog!), but it'd be funny if a stranger noticed this habit and photographed it in sequence.
 photo kamakura_shiba02_zpsb28ba1ce.jpg
I kept taking pictures as they crossed the street. Maybe the dog doesn't like crowds? Anyhow, I like its scarf/handkerchief--we've been looking for something like that for Mitsu but have been having trouble--but then look at its leash! It's just a piece of yellow rope. That Kamakura flair.


Phoebe said...

Are these poodles walked or just carried? I have trouble imagining a miniature poodle as a handbag-type dog, considering that Bisou was the most energetic member of the otherwise-human group I went hiking with over the weekend.

kei said...

Generally, among the ones I saw, they were often walked (many of them with outfits). But they also seem to be scooped up for some reason--in both cases here, for a photo op. For this poodle, the 'parents' were taking pictures with it, so I think that was why this poodle was picked up. They seem light, at least lighter than Mitsu, which would be less than 22 pounds. Even if Bisou is energetic, is she light?

Phoebe said...

Good point - Bisou is 12 pounds, very easy to scoop up. And yes, part of having a miniature poodle is scooping your dog up for photo ops!