Monday, June 18, 2012


Last year, my mom and I decided to share a half-share of CSA vegetables + eggs and signed up with M's Organic Farm. We picked up our first batch of vegetables and eggs this past Sunday at the Logan Square farmer's market; here's my share, which is \a quarter of a full share:
Mars red onion (more like green onions), green/red leaf vegetables, Easter egg radishes, oregano, and half a dozen eggs. My mom got the one baby garlic, since I grew and harvested lots of garlic in our backyard. It's not a ton of food, but if we get something like this every week, between this and the backyard production (which is not a whole lot), I think it's just enough to avoid the vegetable section of any grocery store. I still need Fuji apples and bananas, so that'll come from Strack and Van Til. 
My harvest this past Sunday included one successful daikon (I'm not confident about the rest), Detroit red beets (I'm partial to these beets because of the name), bunching green onions, and garlic. There's a lot more garlic than those two bulbs; those are the cleanest of the bunch.
This evening I harvested the rest of the bunching onions. I always imagine green onions more or less raw in miso soup or in the soup for somen or soba noodles, but today I sauteed them and added them to goat cheese omelette. Good choice.
(Image from
I cut the tips of the onions off because they're too cumbersome and I think the flavor diminishes up there. They look like Naganegi Man! He's one of a million characters on Anpanman

I have more to share from our trip to Yakushima. I've posted on Twitter, Instagram, and my tumblr, but since those KeiPop venues either limit text or are photo-based, the full story will be told here!

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