Friday, April 20, 2012

All but done

It's that point when it's so close to the end of the semester that my mind is already there. My mind is also already in Japan, where I will be for three weeks of May. It's upsetting to think of being away from Mitsu, but I know she'll be more than fine. She would love Japan so much, but maybe not the ride there or being quarantined or whatever happens to pets when they transition from one country to another. For my trip, I've been thinking about getting an 800MB international data plan for the iPhone since wireless is so scarce. Basically, I'd be handing lots of money to AT&T so that I can check baseball news, tweet, and update my latest Tumblr from Japan, which sounds kind of worth it to me. Long story short of why the new Tumblr exists: Instagram is reserved for preaching the Gospel of Mitsu (especially now that Facebook owns it, and Facebook and I have a complicated relationship), so I don't like to update about myself there. And recently, I was inspired by Beyonce's Tumblr (it's part of her relatively recently revamped website; "Tumblr" must just be a way to pretend like she updates that stuff as any other girl on the Internet does, or it's just to say, You can't have "" because it's actually hers) to reveal more of my life and myself (as opposed to some aspect of it, like dog, house, thoughts) in photos. Obviously, I am no Beyonce, but I do like leopard prints; I can take glamorous shots if glamorous=posing for flash photos with Mitsu in my arms; and sometimes I go to cool places. I'd like to share all of this in a speedier-than-via-Blogger sort of way.

I'm also on Pinterest, but I have no idea what's going on there. I don't like to re-blog, so I don't see myself doing much on Pinterest except re-pinning pictures of MLB mascots and other baseball-related things. This is why I may have been perfect for the White Sox Social Media Coordinator job, but for better or for worse, I have to write a dissertation first.

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