Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day Nine

Day 9 – A photo of the item you last purchased.

I have no photo of the small coffee (cream + sugar) that I bought form Dunkin' Donuts this morning.  When I got my little cup, I wondered why I didn't get a medium. 
This evening I went to a Rockies vs. Cubs game, brought to MordeKei by Big John and Little Debby's (Mordo won these tickets). Finally, I made use of this hat (last picture). I was decked out in various non-matching shades of purple. Everything went pretty well--my grandma hooked it up with parking nearby; the Rockies won; I saw CarGo; I may have been on TV briefly in the background of a child boasting his eighth birthday with a giant home-made poster; I ate a slice of pizza and nachos, and I got to smell red rope nearby (I probably would have gotten/felt sick if the guy came around one more time because I would've bought some); Mitsu was fine at home alone while we were gone and seems to be doing well. So, the last thing "I" bought, by which I mean "we," but which I mean Mordecai, was nachos. I have no photo of this purchase either, so instead, I present to you two pictures from the game.

Tomorrow I 'defend' my topical. Can't catch up on the latest 90-minute episode of Glee until that is over.

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