Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year

Who knew furry leopard robes existed? Maddi hOokEd iT uP! And Matted Memu fits perfectly in the pocket.

New Year's Resolutions and New Year's mochi are a lot alike. They get a lot of hype in January and February, and then they are totally abandoned for the rest of the year.

Last year, I made a somewhat attainable resolution that I more or less successfully stuck with: to wake up before noon everyday. I quickly realized that I had set the bar way too low, so that's why I was more or less successful. This year, I aim to make use of mornings better, even if they are spent cruising the Internet or applying makeup, which means I should wake up by 9AM or earlier. Included in this Resolution Package is making decent use of Sundays. I usually sleep them away, and then go into a reading panic at night because of Monday seminars.

My other resolution is to have healthy hair and nails. I damage my hair too often, and I realized that I don't need salon manicures because I can make my nails look professionally done at home. So I'll continue going to Salon Moka, and I will be making use of those ULTA coupons I get in the mail every other week. Keipop Nail Salon coming soon!

I found this little end-of-the-year survey on Plans, which I don't really update anymore, so I'll share my responses here.


BOOK: Excerpts from Antonio Gramsci's Prison Notebooks and Tony Laden's manuscript for a book on social reasoning.

ALBUM: Glee soundtrack, Clipse "Til the Casket Drops," Alicia Keys "Element of Freedom." Honorable Mention: Mariah Carey's "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," because she's Mariah Carey and I'm Kei.


MEAL COOKED: Mashed potatoes.

MOVIE: "District 9." I'm sure I would have listed "The September Issue" and "Coco Avant Chanel" but I didn't see them.

ARTICLE READ: The Yahoo article that praised Chris Coghlan and suggested he be 2009 Rookie of the Year. As a result of this cover story, I picked Coghlan up for my fantasy team. In turn, I secured many hitting categories, and I would say that this accounted for about 10% of my fantasy victory. The rest was due to beginner's luck.

INFORMATION LEARNED: Kant should be taught in an intro to philosophy of art class.

QUOTE DISCOVERED: "It is a little absurd to go on insisting that physics provides us with the knowledge of the world which is of the highest excellence. Surely the problems we face now are not the same ones for which Bacon and Galileo caught their chills. Our intellectual problems (to say no more) are set up by the very success of those deeds, by the plain fact that the measures which soak up knowledge of the world leave us dryly ignorant of ourselves." Stanley Cavell, Must We Mean What We Say?

ITEM BOUGHT: Poppersteins; PS3; all of my baseball cards.

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