Monday, October 05, 2009

Snuggie Acquisition!

A random trip to Walgreens was my solution to the search for the leopard print Snuggie. I really like the font they use:


Jade emailed me about wanting a Snuggie for herself because she studies in a cold med school building. The Snuggie commercial is all about using the Snuggie for leisurely activities, like going to sporting events, or lying on a couch reading or watching TV. I should have realized that Snuggies are perfect for studying at a desk. Your digits and limbs are the first to go when it gets too cold. I imagine that with cold toes, feet, fingers, and hands, studying efficiency goes down. Or reading/writing/grading efficiency, for those who no longer deal with exams.


One question that both Mordecai and my mother had was whether the Snuggie is actually a warm blanket. It's basically made of a kind-of-thin fleece fabric, and it's entirely plausible that with a sewing machine, one could easily DIY a Snuggie with a thicker fabric. Now, I'm someone who gets cold and stays cold. But so far, the Snuggie has not failed me. That's basically to say, any blanket will keep warmth from leaving your body if you cover up a good surface area of your body. But if it has sleeves?! Oh snap!

Anyway, I go to sleep in this thing, watch TV in it, even get some work done in it. When warmth is your goal, you shouldn't care about how you look and just pick a color or print you wouldn't mind being seen enveloped in. It may not be enough for people who get frigid easily, like me or my mom, so keeping a personal heater nearby might be a good idea. But for $15 or so? I'm not sewing a "blanket that has sleeves!" I want that label with the awesome font.

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