Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Fall Fall





Yesterday I busted out the penny loafers. I wore them with a black dress and tights; I looked like I was either a week early for Halloween or like I attended a funeral. All I did though was go to my piano lesson, drop by the baseball card shop, and play Animal Crossing which as usual ended up in a nap. At night we went to see UFC 104 in Jonny's basement, so in case someone died, I was prepared to mourn right away. I've seen a man convulse as a result of not the breathing kind of choking, but the blocking-blood-flow-in-a-major-artery kind of choking. I forgot who he was, but I think it was the guy with a gigantic samurai tattooed on his back. Other UFC banter: Lyoto Machida looks like a manga character. I like how he shifts and twists his hips, like he's dancing, but really, he's preparing to kick his opponent. He was the one receiving most of the leg-beat downs yesterday, but whatever, I didn't have to mourn his or Shogun's surprise death.

Also, there's Mordecai locking his door in a new coat from Zara. He seems to be a fan of the epaulets. Why does he have more luck at Zara than I do?

These photos were taken on my iPhone with an app called Toy Camera. Sometimes I walk around with my Canon G9 and/or Sony W300, but end up taking pictures with my iPhone most of the time because of convenience. This is sad, but perhaps it's a sign that some giant companies need to start getting beyond-Toy-Camera creative.


happyfeet said...

I like Mordecai's coat. I usually dislike the weird ornaments that they add to men's coats, but his aren't too big. It's also hard to find coats without them, and coats with no ornaments end up looking odd.

Why were you watching UFC?

kei said...

The only obnoxious ornament on this coat was thankfully a separate item for sale, a flimsy skinny red scarf.

I watch UFC now and then because of the company I keep, including but not limited to Mordecai. Also, I root for the pathetic Japanese fighters who always lose. Machida is half Japanese, so he like, wins things. haha. He's also half Brazilian and drinks his own urine! Must see him even if he looks like a loser and still walks away with his belt.

Jade Pagkas-Bather said...

great tights! and i dig the military style jacket on mordecai.

happyfeet said...

I see, I see.

Jessica Ly said...

love the tights!be sure to check out my blog and leave a comment hehe x