Friday, July 03, 2009

Thursday as Friday

I found out yesterday that I don't have to go in for my part-time job tomorrow (scanning barcodes at the Regenstein [again] three times a week). This was a pleasant surprise. Today felt like Friday.

Today's Discoveries

Mushroom hill on Whipple Street

Just something I came across today while walking to the train station after taking Oji out. I thought it was cute.

Jorge Cantu in Spanish ESPN

I screamed out loud when I saw my bench star, Jorge Cantu, on TV at a bar for the first time. I enjoy seeing my non-White Sox Fantasy players on TV. Nar then laughed out loud and yelled "SHOT GUN TO THE FACE," referring to Cantu's Robert Redford-like complexion. I don't think Nar thought of it so positively, but I think Cantu also has a bit of a Redford-like gleam to his eyes. You may think I'm in baseball love, but I maintain that I only find Robert Redford objectively handsome, as in I find him handsome but not the kind that I have an interest in. I feel the same about Brad Pitt and Alain Delon--I see causes for infatuation by others but am not infatuated myself. Also, while Cantu is a fine baseball player in reality, he's been more or less bench material for the past couple of months. That does not warrant true baseball love.

Today's Revisit to the Past

Oscar Mayer Elementary's Field: 12 Years Later

In seventh grade, I played softball. At Oscar Mayer's field, I hit a homerun to centerish-right-ish field. I don't really remember anything else about softball except once I was playing first base, and OMG it was so stressful! I was like, traumatized. Anyway Mordecai and I had some time to kill before seeing "Public Enemies," so we walked around and I revisited the spring of 1997 here with my non-baseball outfit and shoes, and an Elle magazine for a bat.

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