Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Whole Foods

My grandma arrived from Japan last Wednesday. After unloading all sorts of goods from her suitcase, my mom and I took her to the new, giantest-in-America Whole Foods on North Avenue to have, of all things, udon (highly recommended). My dad works around this area and is deeply impressed by the selection of cars one sees in their parking lot. He also heard on the radio that despite the recession, the marketing folks have done their research on the surrounding area and guarantee that this one will profit. This is clearly the King of all Whole Foods, one of the most unnecessarily extravagant groceries in the West.


Here is my mom (holding leftover udon) pointing at the giant Lexus SUV that parked recklessly next to us.


There is a cafe near the entrance that serves coffee and the like until 7PM. After that, it turns into a bar. Mordecai and I went later at night to return the Chocolate Chewies that I bought earlier that were far from chewy. We were surprised to see two HDTVs featuring none other than the Mets game and the Sox game. The bar and the surrounding area were pretty busy well into the evening while we were there watching the Mets lose to the Dodgers (probably--I can't really remember).


A nice view of the sky from the bar.


Here I am mingling in the snack section with what I imagine are the rich folk. I am sporting my new Outdoor backpack and my $5 pants from Target. Outdoor products are weird--the company seems to be American, but they only make camping-type products here. In Japan, they make awesome, colorful, patterned products that are obviously not made for camping or the outdoor. I got the "honeycomb" pattern in blue and purple. I love how the thin and weak straps are obviously not made for camping or carrying too many items, like...books.


Sean P said...

Wow! You should be grateful. That monstrosity could have just as easily parked on top of you. Do they have the chocolate chocolate chip muffins at that Whole Foods? One of the Evanston ones does, the other doesn't. I don't know why. I'm always slightly worried they will become extinct. Soooo chocolatey!

Jade Pagkas-Bather said...

awww schnapp! i saw that whole foods today en route to the bed bath and beyond. that store should just be called "beyond" cause there's some unfortunate merchandise in there...anyway, looks like a museum. i'm glad it has a bar. whole alcohol...must be a new concept.

kira said...

um FIRST STOP UPONST MY RETURN. i love me some whole foods. vegan chicken curry salad = tha shiiiiiiiit.

also i like your pants.