Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sleeping Bag/Bodysuit


"Baby Penguin Sleeping bag/bodysuit

Black/White 100% Nylon outer shell, poly-fill quilted hooded sleeping bag/bodysuit for children with mini visor detail, front zippered belly closure, soft cotton multicolored inner lining and rear perforations for attaching to stroller safety harness. Measures approximately: 43"L x 38" at widest points."

I've never been so saddened to not be 43 inches long. Alternately, I suppose I could have something that is 43 inches in length to carry around in this awesome sleeping bag/bodysuit, like a child, but those things tend to grow. Emu might be a good size--his face certainly fits--but inserting the real Emu into a sleeping bag probably entails sustaining serious injuries, so I insert him via Photoshop, scratch-free.


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Michael said...

I had to put Emu on my blog, hope you don't mind. He's got star written all over him in that lovely get-up.