Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Who knew my tissue box holder would be a warm hat?
Or that one day I would get to wear the sunglasses my mother always wore when I was a child?

I am wondering if I should go to H&M tomorrow to check out their "Comme des Garcons for H&M" line. I don't really like my clothes to be "deconstructed" but the pleated skirt and the tuxedo jacket look like winners!

It's unclear to me how crazy these waiting lines get, and if it depends on which H&M you go to. Ours on Michigan Avenue is the only one not in New York or California where the clothes will be available. That sounds potentially scary. I don't have any commitments until 11AM tomorrow though, so maybe I'll just check the scene out even if I can't touch any of the clothes.


Joseph said...

i like the shirt with the different sized polka dots and the blank arms
also the polka dot scarf is cool too

but you cant have polka dots without stripes

all i knew about comme des garcons previously were some tshirts with scary looking eyes in hearts that were selling for ~$100 from one of the places i look at for bape goods

these prices seem mostly reasonable though

Joseph said...

get in line
share war stories
take pictures
abandon some tostitos and salsa con queso dip

also your photo looks pretty scary with what appears to be a blank screen (details too fine for image?) reflected off your lenses

kei said...

Photobooth flashes when it takes a picture, so the screen goes blank. I kind of like this effect, it is creepy.

thetiniestspark said...