Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Prerequisite information: This was drawn right around the time that McDonald's Southern Style Chicken debuted. Also, buns matter.


happyfeet said...

This is very nice. I had a KFC famous chicken bowl the other week. It wasn't very filling. It made me think of Joe. Have I already told you this?

wes said...

this one is awesome

Joseph said...

seeing these have made me feel weird all of a sudden
as i consider mordo a good friend
but am not familiar with his handwriting
(i dont remember how it looked from the small notepads he would show me awhile back)

regardless until i see a sample of a handwritten letter or school assignment

ill have to place my friendship with him on hold

Jenni said...

Wait, you don't like pickles?!?!

Richard said...

haha at joe.

he has a point though; now that i think about if, i feel more intimate knowing his, wesley's, and your handwriting. haha

i can also plagiarize peter brandt's chicken scratch pretty convincingly.

and i know admir's from a mile away.