Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wanty Exercise

On a related note, the Republican party spent a lot of money on Sarah Palin since being the VP pick. This doesn't sound like small-town spending, but that doesn't interest me so much as figuring out what I would do with $150K to spend unreasonably in one month (i.e. as Phoebe says, you can't save or buy property or do smart things with it). Wanty exercise of the week!

-Honda Civics are too reasonable, so I'd get a CR-V ($30,000)
-Chanel bag, prince increase and all ($3420--what's another $570?)
-PS3, Rock Band, Rock Band accessories ($1000)
-Various Apple products: Macbook Air, iPhone ($2000?)
-This hat, which Jade showed me just yesterday ($48)

The rest I'd spend on random trips to Japan. As Jermain Dupri once put it, "You know this man takes trips to Japan/Tell them I don't want the runway wet when I land" (on Mariah Carey's "Makin' It Last All Night"). It's sort of scary that if Japan enters the equation, even without all these other wanty items acquired, the money would disappear instantaneously.


Phoebe said...

Hmm, now I could see how if you add in travel costs and designer shops, things could add up. I'd also add "random trips to Japan," especially having never been!

Joseph said...

isnt most of campaign party funding derived from company executives seeking favor once their side gets in office?
i think thats at least three degrees away from shafting taxpayers
so i find no qualms
whats more bogus is if she still gets her governor salary/stipend/compensation/pay despite not perfoming any gubernatorial duties while campaigning

but for my 150k wanty list

definitely would have to erect a small bronze statue in the likeness of me
also after last night may have to get that chase utley jersey after all
and then off to the boats