Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three Photos

1. Last week I made use of my sewing machine--it's been a while. Mordecai designed and constructed the drawer-table thingie with my aesthetic guidance and painting assistance.

2. My dad asked me to hem this big square fabric. It was very easy and looked decent in the end. I backstitched as instructed by online tips and sewing machine manual, but I don't really understand how things don't unravel with time, so I did what I thought would assuage my concerns with the loose ends. Please don't laugh at me.

3. I then proceeded to bring out Sam's pants into daylight, pants which he had asked me to shorten just a little bit...about a year ago. All I did was inspect the original hem, realize that the situation would be most ideal if someone (Sam or myself) had marked off where the cutoff point should be, and then remarked on how nice the pants are...i.e., you might see a post in which I am wearing them...or even Mordecai.

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