Thursday, July 03, 2008

Japanese McFlurry!

They have a new limited McFlurry here: milk tea + Oreo. The ice cream part tastes kind of like milky earl gray tea, and then you get little Oreo bits as a bonus. SO GOOD. My grandma says American McDonald’s tastes better than Japanese McDonald’s, but I wonder if she’s just biased against what she can always have. Likewise, I can’t really tell if I’m just excited about the novelty of eccentric flavors and products or if I really think these products are better than their American counterparts. I never think even once about getting a McFlurry in Chicago.


wes said...

This is one thing that you've posted that I want to try so bad, but I know I'll never have.

thetiniestspark said...

mcflurries are fucking delicious. i get mine with oreo + m&m + butterfinger (or heath, depending) because i'm a disgusting glutton.

when are you coming back?? i'm in logan squizzle nowwwwww.