Wednesday, January 02, 2013

America is big and dirty!

This isn't quite a fair comparison; it might be like "comparing apples to oranges," which I've noticed my students like to say (which is code for "Why are we talking about this?" to which I want to exclaim "Because it keeps philosophers employed!"). But these are the streets with which I am familiar.

This is a small, two-way street deep inside of west Yokohama. There's a bus route that stops along here. I don't like it when my grandma jaywalks on this street. 
And here is Chicago's Fullerton Avenue. There are two lanes for each direction. Again, the 74 Fullerton bus is probably not the same as the 53 route that runs by my grandma's apartment, but still, we're talking about bus route streets. I don't like it when big families jaywalk on this street.
Since about high school, when I'd return home from Japan, the first thing I'd really notice and appreciate was the high ceilings of American homes. Lately when I return home from Japan, I feel like in addition to things like ceilings and streets, the sky seems bigger, too.
I walked with Mordecai and Mitsu on Christmas morning. We walked along Fullerton, where I took these pictures. Looking at them walking ahead of me, I remember thinking, "Damn, it's dirty here." Still, it is nice to be back home. 


Anonymous said...

you're right, Chicago tends to be a little dirty, but it my hometown and I love it! On the other hand, is so weird Tokyo is so clean, I was very surprised, one of the biggest cities in the world and is so clean..

Happy new year!! lots of hugs to Mitsu

Jade said...

chicago, i think, is actually pretty clean for an american city!! visitors from nyc always comment on how clean it is. and it is certainly cleaner than athens greece and LA!!