Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot & Dangerous

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1. I did a load of laundry and did not use the dryer. However, a quick Google search shows that drying clothes outdoors is not necessarily permitted in all parts of this country. Then another quick Google search failed to reveal what the rules are in Chicago. But the relentless sun today did its job in a short amount of time, and none of the items being dried were scandalous, so I don't think the rules really matter.
2. My gel nails are holding up really well! I got them done three weeks ago (that's moyashi [bean sprouts] in the background!) at Kupu Kupu in Higashi-Totsuka (Yokohama), by my cousin's friend Aya. She runs her own business successfully all by herself, it's pretty amazing. I went to see her last year and got a mani-pedi fancy gel manicure; I really like the glitter gradation. It seems that as long as I continue to cut and file them, even with the gel on, they last fine. The color I picked (I copied my cousin) lends itself well to growing them out, too.
3. Roses in the front.
4. Every day, I check on the cucumbers to make sure they're not trying to strangle the maybe-bell peppers or themselves. Every day, when I peek around, I go, "WTF!" and end up harvesting at least one or two cucumbers. Today I found three. I also trimmed down the arugula patches and supposedly-mesculin lettuce leaves. They taste more like...what I imagine grass or leaves from a tree taste like. My mom says they're good when you cook them.
5. Making arugula pesto.
6. Eating arugula pesto pasta and bread from La Boulangerie.


Anonymous said...

Kyuri and miso -- such an amazing combination. Wife remarks how amusing it is that no matter how grouchy I get -- and I get cantankerous in the extreme -- give me some kyuri, especially home-grown, and some miso paste and I'm content.

Lovely garden. We're growing shiso, nira, edamame in ours right now.

Jade said...

KEI!!!!! i dry my stuff on the banister of my porch; even bras--which i conveniently hook to the banister! there are so many things i don't put in the dryer year-round, so it's great to catch some rays! heard it can be anti-bacterial also..but, that could be pseudo-science.

love your pics, and glad to see you posting thangs. we should catch up sometime, now that i'm neighbors with your mama!