Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Day 23 – 15 facts about you.

1. I was born in Chicago. 
2. I like to paint my nails and I wish I could repaint them all the time like Eva Chen does.
3. I am starting to like chevre in my salads, but so far only with argula, strawberries, raspberry vinaigrette and walnuts.
4. I've been listening to Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" album and like a few tracks. This is because of Glee, naturally.
5. I have tons of gray hairs and a growing collection of aging spots.
6. I'm working on a prospectus for my dissertation. The title so far is "Knowledge of Selves" and is about what it means to know or understand others and oneself. I don't know what it means to know or understand anyone but I like my topic.
7. I wanted an Akita but didn't think I could handle one. My second choice was the Shiba. (Mordo's first choice was a shelter dog--shhhh don't tell Mitsu. Actually, I tell her all the time.)
8. In the past year, I think I've cut down on soda and some fast food. I did not think this would ever be possible.
9. You can hear me play the piano from the alley. I think Clementi (YouTube link) will keep the summer-hoodlums at bay.
10. I will be teaching this summer. It's a four-week session; it meets for three hours, four times a week. We will begin with Plato's "Apology."
11. I study philosophy for essentially the following reasons, in this order: Chrucky, Schrift, Pacholec, Ted Cohen, Tony.
12. I am as my name indicates: blessed. With lots of good people and stuff.
13. I am torn when the Tigers and Sox play each other.
14. I don't drink much anymore, I am in bed by 1AM even on weekends, and I manage to experience mornings on a regular basis, even on Sundays. I also thought this would never be possible.
15. My summer wanty list includes: this Lands End Canvas dress, these boat shoes in platinum gold, these Birkenstocks, and these Ray-Bans. Is it gonna be another one of them hot summers, Busta?

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